Downtown Parking Map

 Parking Map


For a downloadable version of this map please click on the "Download a Downtown Parking Map" on the right side of this screen.


Downtown Parking Brochure & Daily Parking Permit Information


Click on the following to read & view your options for on-street and off-street parking: Downtown Parking for the City of Oshkosh

****Highlighted on the map in blue are permit parking spaces. These spaces can be used by purchasing monthly or annual stickers from the Collections office at City Hall. These spaces can also be used by those who purchase DAILY parking permits. These daily parking permits can be purchased at City Hall or the Oshkosh Public Library for $1.50.

****DAILY parking permits can be used for any permit parking space for the times of 7am-6pm. These permits also allow you to move your vehicle from one permit parking space to another throughout the same day within the 7am-6pm time frame.